After enjoying all the wonderful dishes at the Maine Lobster Festival, many guests wonder if they will taste such succulent seafood ever again. While Maine has a reputation for the best lobster on the planet, that does not mean the rest of the nation can’t whip up a hearty seafood dish.

If you ever find yourself traveling in or through these cities with a craving for the very best lobster, these restaurants will not disappoint.

Cull & Pistol – New York City

If you want to eat like a New Yorker, Cull & Pistol is where to eat lobster. This laid-back eatery in Chelsea Market offers a wide variety of fresh dishes for reasonable prices. You can order both Maine and Connecticut style rolls here. You can also order tails with some melted butter on the side. Whether you eat in or take your food to go, you are sure to love the seafood selections at Cull & Pistol. This restaurant is located at 75 9th Avenue.

Water Grill – Los Angeles

A great seafood dive in lovely Los Angeles is the Water Grill. You may have heard of this restaurant’s executive chef, Damon Gordon. Gordon has been in the press a lot recently sharing seafood recipes with publications like the Huffington Post and Men’s Health. This restaurant has plenty of rolls and seafood sandwiches with fresh shellfish shipped straight from Georges Bank. This restaurant has two locations, one downtown at 544 S. Grand Avenue, and one in Santa Monica at 1401 Ocean Avenue. They are open for lunch and dinner on weekdays, but only for dinner on weekends.

Shaw’s Crab House – Chicago, Illinois

If you ask for a great seafood restaurant in Chicago, most locals will send you to Shaw’s Crab House. This jazzy restaurant is one of the most highly revered in the Windy City for its seafood selection. Some of its signature lobster dishes include their rolls, fettuccine, and cioppino dishes. People can opt for a more refined seated option, or they can head over to the relaxed Shaw’s Oyster Bar. Shaw’s Oyster Bar features live music from 7 to 10 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays to add to the chill vibe of this setting. This restaurant is located at 21 E Hubbard Street in Chicago.

Hogfish Bar & Grill – Stock Island, Florida

Although this little known grill specializes in Key West shrimp and hogfish, they offer a wide variety of seafood options. Their menu includes dishes like a seafood quesadilla, a shrimp and lobster pot pie, and even a variety of fried seafood tacos. As you can tell, a great deal of the inspiration for this restaurant comes from Mexican cuisine, which makes this an interesting spot for seafood lovers to try in Florida. This restaurant is located on 6810 Front Street in Stock Island.