As we began planning for the 68th annual Maine Lobster Festival, we realized it was time for our website to get a new look.

The site’s design wasn’t the only problem. We needed to fill out the website with more information, make the site easier to navigate, and just make it more fun to look at and read.

We had our work cut out for us. We enlisted the help of Plein Air Interactive of Portland, Maine, to help us redesign the site and make it more functional. After working on the site tirelessly, we were thrilled to roll out the final product in early May.


Behold the Maine Lobster Festival’s beautiful, clean website! The website includes information for visitors, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and community members. You’ll find information about all aspects of the festival, from how to get to Rockland, Maine, to dates and times of the International Great Crate Race. Here are some of the biggest changes we’ve made:


1. Get Tickets – This page is essential for those of you planning your trip to the Maine Lobster Festival. Our website now has more information about admission prices, carnival tickets including the always-popular Bracelet Days, and links to purchase entertainment tickets online. 


2. Volunteer – We welcome thousands of volunteers each year to help us cook, serve, take tickets, clean, and organize the Maine Lobster Festival. Volunteers can download the Volunteer Form on this page and email it to [email protected].


3. Schedule – The wonderful designers at Plein Air created a more interactive design for the 2015 Schedule. Rather than scrolling through the entire schedule on one page, visitors can select specific days to see which activities will be happening throughout the week.


4. The Media Center – In the past, media sources reached out to us via email to get information, video footage, and photography to promote our event. Now, all members of the press may visit the Media Center to download photos and find general information about the Maine Lobster Festival.



4. Giving Back – We are a community festival. The proceeds we raise during the Maine Lobster Festival are budgeted to produce future festivals, and the rest is given back to programs and organizations throughout Midcoast Maine in the form of gifts, donations and scholarships. This page of our website includes contributions we have made over the years, as well as information about how you can request donations from the Maine Lobster Festival. The Donation Request form can be found at the bottom of this page.


Please feel free to explore our website. We look forward to seeing you at the 68th annual Maine Lobster Festival July 29 – August 2, 2015.