The Maine Lobster Festival Delegate Coronation

Originally Miss Maine Seafoods, then the Maine Sea Goddess, the Maine lobster Festival expanded its Coronation event in 2023 by opening up participation to anyone ages 16-22 who is passionate about being an advocate for Maine’s lobster industry, regardless of gender. The title of this chosen representative is Maine Lobster Festival Delegate.

This year we are accepting 16 participants who will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. Leading up to the Coronation, participants will be expected to participate in events which will include a basic orientation, local volunteering and service, public speaking workshop, social media workshop, letter writing campaign in support of Maine’s lobster industry, helping to set up before the Festival opens, and riding in the Big Parade.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges. At the Delegate Banquet, Friday, July 26, participants will each have a turn to speak with judges to showcase their knowledge of Maine’s lobster industry and ideas to support the industry during the current challenges it is facing. Tickets to the Coronation Banquet will be available for purchase at the end of June.

On the opening night of the Festival, July 31, 2024, the Maine Lobster Festival Delegate will be chosen along with a runner-up and Most Congenial, voted on by fellow participants. The winner will represent the Maine lobster industry throughout the year at various festivals and events.


Delegate: $2,000 cash prize

Second Delegate: $1,500 cash prize

Miss/Mr. Congeniality: $500 cash prize


Maine resident

Age 16-22 on July 30, 2024

No past or pending civil or criminal charges

$100 application fee that will later be donated to a non-profit of your choice once approved by the Coronation Committee

Applications must be received by June 16, 2024

2023 Delegate Winners – Caption: 2023 Winners from left to right: Most Congenial – Lizzie Swan, Maine Lobster Festival Delegate – Adelaide Hendricks, Runner Up – Autumn Oxton

The 1948 festival featured a parade, hot lobster cooked by several local dealers and trucked to Rockland ‘s Public Landing, a concert by the Rockland City Band on Saturday afternoon, and a coronation ball Saturday evening at the Rockland Community Building.

At this premier coronation, Ruth Roberts of Rockland was crowned as the first “Miss Maine Seafoods,” a title that would later be changed to “Maine Sea Goddess”, and changed again in 2023 to “Maine Lobster Festival Delegate.” It was in 1948 that the festival extended from one day to two and was held in July. Since then, the Maine Lobster Festival is held the first weekend in August that contains the first Saturday. The Maine Lobster Festival Delegate represents Maine and the lobster industry throughout their reign at various fairs, festivals and events.

King Neptune’s Court

Every year kids, teens, and young adults join King Neptune’s court to help him and Blackbeard greet guests and participate in events during the Festival. Fun opportunities include riding a Coast Guard ship, being on stage during the Coronation, and being on a float in the Big Parade! Costumes are available for kids and adults will need to provide their own. We welcome creativity! Contact Brian Messing at (207) 542-9585 or [email protected] with questions. Applications must be received by July 27.