Maine. The enigmatic, rural state that inspired countless tales by Mainer Stephen King is far from a scary place. A jewel of the Northeast, The Pine State boasts temperate weather, cool summers, beautiful landscapes and, of course, the good-as-gold Maine lobster.

Here is a list of top 5 reasons to visit Maine any time of the year.

5- Picturesque landscape in perfect weather

The excellent weather of Maine means year-round, outdoor fun. Come visit us during the summer and find yourself hiking, rock-climbing, boating, or even traveling trails by ATV without over-heating yourself. Our temperatures do not go past 90 degrees at the most, quickly cooling down to lovely 80s and mid 70s temperatures. Love to kayak? Try any of our 6,000 crystal clear lakes!

Fall fanatics who want to enjoy the foliage will not be disappointed. Gold, red, brown, and yellow shades cover more than 3,500 miles of coastline, complete with waterfalls and ponds. The winter is far from unforgiving. You can still go outside and play on your snowmobile, ski, play hockey, and even go ice fishing. There is always something to do and somewhere to go in Maine. 

4- The Mayflower and American Revolution

Are you a history buff? Maine started out as part of the original colony of Massachusetts. Descendants of the Mayflower have left their impression in Maine with a legacy of amazing shipbuilding and whaling techniques. American Revolution fans will also find ample highlights in the magnificent museums that guard these all-American treasures. Make sure to visit the Raye’s Mustard Mill Museum in Eastport and the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport.

3- Majestic Lighthouses

Nearly everyone can correlate the coast of Maine to the historical lighthouses that once guided sailors to the safety of our ports. While many states have one or two traditional lighthouses, the state of Maine still has 60 full-functioning lighthouses. Tours are available by car, by foot, or by boat. You simply cannot leave this world without experiencing the majesty of a full-functioning lighthouse beaming brightly onto the raging ocean waters at night.

2-Flora and Fauna

You do not need to fly all the way to Alaska to experience the rare and precious animals that exist gracefully within their element. Our equally rich flora protects those beautiful creatures providing them with safe homes. Maine state features sugar maple, yellow birch and aspen. Spruce and fir dominate the woods where deer and black bears live with moose, lynx, bobcats, foxes and wild rabbits. Maine also invites birdwatchers to an ultimate experience. 

1- Lobster

When your state can boast lobsters that are internationally renowned, look no further than Maine to experience the ultimate culinary experience. The Maine Lobster Festival is an event nearly 70 years in the making. People from all over the world visit this festival each year. They come to experience seafood in ways that only Maine can offer.

 If you are still not convinced, visit the Maine state website,, and explore many more things to do in one of America’s most beautiful places to visit. Also check out more information on the 2016 Maine Lobster Festival at