In an area known for lip-licking, buttery lobster, variety of fishes and clam chowders, Rockland, Maine, also has other delicious foods and recipes that are guaranteed to satisfy any visitor or traveler. 

During the annual Maine Lobster Festival, foodies and chefs across the world gather in Rockland to compete in the festival’s Seafood Cooking Contest. It’s an event that captures the taste of Maine. Winning recipes have included dishes such as fish tacos, tasty scallops and more. 

Don’t worry. Lobster is available in abundance along with juicy corn on the cob and homemade cold slaw. It wouldn’t be a lobster festival without the classic dishes!

If you are travelling through Rockland and are craving something other than seafood, the choices are plentiful. ‘Wich Please is a local food truck that serves many great sandwiches and dishes. One popular sandwich to try is Brie + Blue. It consists of blueberry jam and bacon. It’s a unique taste is worth trying if you ever pass through Rockland. 

Wasses Hot Dogs is considered one of the best takeout lunches in Rockland. Whether you want a juicy mustard and kraut dog or the bacon dog with cheese fries, it’s a true win for locals and travelers alike.

If you’re a coffee lover, Rock City Café has some of the best coffee and scones in Rockland. The locals love its food and relaxed atmosphere. Once you enter the town, let this be your first stop for coffee, sandwiches and wraps. 

A fantastic place to dine in the evening is In Good Company, which serves Maine cuisine in a vintage atmosphere. From the curried shrimp and haddock to the wild boar sausage and oyster mushrooms, it’s a real treat to the taste buds. In addition, they use locally grown cheeses, seafood, sausages and vegetables. 

Before leaving Rockland, be sure to try a classic lobster roll at nearly any eat-in restaurant. As you might expect in the home of the Maine Lobster Festival, they have the best in the country.