The nationally recognized Maine Lobster Festival, one of the state’s premier summer events, is about more than just a legendary crustacean. Since its inception in 1947, the Festival has always been a community-driven event, relying on hundreds of volunteers and giving a huge boost (more than $500,000) to the local community.

Sponsoring the Maine Lobster Festival can also be good for your business. Here are three reasons why:

1. Exposure to a Multiple Target Markets

Rockland, Maine, is a small city, and good businesses here get noticed. Last year’s premier festival sponsors included local banks, oil companies, insurance companies, credit unions, food distributors, car dealerships and media outlets – all good company for your business to be in. The Festival is also well respected among Maine’s fishermen, boat builders, marine industries, manufacturers, and hospitality industry, and sponsors make a great impression on these folks who have a lot of influence among their many local contacts. Then, factor in the nearly 100,000 visits to the Festival each year, you’ll be putting your company’s name in front of a lot of potential customers.

2. Brand Visibility for Five Days and Beyond 

If you choose to be an official sponsor, your brand will be all over this event, including a mention in the Official Maine Lobster Festival Program guide (which many visitors save for years). You’ll also get website exposure, collateral placement, targeted public addresses, and much more. Lots more sponsorship opportunities are available, including: t-shirt sponsorship, tent sponsorship, and event sponsorship. See all sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

3. Walk Away with New Customers, Clients and the Best of Maine

If you’re a sponsor any of the events – from the headliner musical acts to the lobster crate races to the mega-popular Steins and Vines beer and wine tastings – your company will come away with plenty of useful, memorable contacts. The friendliness of Rockland’s populace, our festival volunteers, and especially the festival attendees is legendary, which is why people book their vacations to come back year after year. Those contacts become friends; those friends become customers; and that Maine connection stays with you year-round.

And did we mention the food? Rockland, Maine, has bragging rights to the freshest, most flavorful and sustainably caught lobster in the world. If your business touches on any of these points, it is a natural fit to be front and center as a sponsor.

For more information visit our sponsorship page.