Here’s a little-known secret most Mainers have when it comes to leftovers from a lobster feed: don’t wait until dinner to enjoy it—serve it for breakfast!

Here are three lip-smacking lobster recipes to make for breakfast or brunch.

The Ultimate Lobster Benedict

Any Maine restaurant will tell you the most requested eggs benny on the menu is the Lobster Benedict. And it’s easy to make at home. Lobster From Maine’s delectable dish swaps homemade hash browns for the English muffin by taking ¾ lb. of cooked Maine lobster meat and forming it into the potato patties. And rather than the traditional Hollandaise, this recipe calls for a cup of that leftover lobster stock, flour, cream and butter for a drizzle over poached eggs that will have you dreaming of this dish for lunch and dinner as well. 

Lobster Newburg Crepes

These crepes, created as a contest entry in The New York Food & Wine Festival, combine the lightest French pancake with the creamy classic dish made famous in Delmonico’s, a Manhattan restaurant established in 1827. The recipe calls for four cooled lobster tails (perfect if kept overnight in the refrigerator from the feast the night before). With paprika, cayenne, and tomato paste giving a kick of spice and dry sherry and brandy balancing out the heavy cream, all you have left to do is pour the thin batter into a Teflon pan to make the crepes for the ultimate in a savory and sophisticated brunch dish.

Lobster Hash

Corned beef is the ultimate Yankee leftover dish transformed into a swan of a breakfast delight. Food 52’s recipe calls for cooked lobster meat from four, one and a half-pound lobsters and about a pound of unpeeled red bliss potatoes. Sizzle up two ounces of smoked bacon (Mainers love locally sourced bacon fresh from the butcher shop!) for a heartier flavor and crisp up the lobster and potato hash in a frying pan. Serve with a poached egg and a sprig of parsley and this is one of the simplest, yet most satisfying Maine breakfasts you can have in any state. 

Here’s a handy conversion chart for the size of lobster and its equivalents. 

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