Some of the most adventurous grill masters among us might consider salmon on a cedar plank to be exotic, but just wait until you’ve tried grilled lobster!

Yes, that fancy restaurant dish is easy to prepare yourself on the grill this summer, searing the smoky flavors right into the meat. Here are three ways to grill lobster for an off-the-charts meal al fresco.

Frozen lobster will never come close to the delectable taste that fresh, live lobster can deliver. Thankfully, many online lobster companies can ship you the real thing within a day or so. Grilling hard-shell lobsters that are about 1-1/2 pound or larger is the best option to lock in the flavors.

Grilled Lobster Tails with Herbed Butter

This recipe uses herbs easily obtained from your own garden or a farmer’s market, along with plenty of butter and just a kick of hot sauce. Butterfly the tails right down the middle and open like a book, then skewer, and season with olive oil and salt. That will give you time to prepare the herbed butter, and in about five minutes, you will be serving the kind of meal that will likely be on everyone’s social media feeds the next day.

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Grilling the Whole Lobster

Why waste all of that goodness on just the tails when you can grill the entire lobster? This recipe calls for a quick parboiling of the lobster first, then running kitchen shears right up the middle, and discarding any unsavory parts. Baste with butter then fire up the grill for a quick flash (but don’t flip it) for juicy, buttery results.

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Grilled Lobster Claws & Shrimp

This recipe combines the most popular seafood combination of lobster and shrimp with a fanciful lime chile coriander butter. When the grilling is done, serve the finished product with lemon or lime wedges. 

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There are more great lobster-inspired recipes that you can try at home on the Maine Lobster Festival’s blog. You can also learn all about the Maine Lobster Festival on our website at and see the many reasons that thousands of people come to the Midcoast region each summer during the first week of August. We hope to see you there—and remember to bring your lobster-loving appetite!