What’s red, symbolically romantic and the perfect “celebration food” for Valentine’s Day?

Of course, you know we are going to say Maine Lobster!

The fact is, lobster ranks as the top Valentine’s Day seafood to share with someone special. Depending on where you live, fresh live lobster can be picked up (if you’re in Midcoast Maine) or shipped right to your door the day you plan to make your special dinner.

Or, if you happen to be spending February 14 in Midcoast Maine, we also happen to have the inside track on restaurants serving this delicious dish for two.

Make At Home

The technology, storage facilities and shipping methods for transporting live lobster are even more sophisticated than they were a decade ago. That, and the proliferation of more Maine companies shipping live lobster, has ensured a competitive price.

Here are a number of respected live shipping companies that catch locally sourced Maine lobster purchased directly from the boat and shipped right to your door. If you’re in Rockland, Jess’s Market (one of our sponsors) has an impeccable reputation for the freshest seafood and lobster. They’ll even cook your lobster for you for a small fee.

To make lobster at home, take a page out of this simple Tasty recipe for Lobster Tails For Two—baked lobster tails with butter, salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, lemon juice, and parsley. It’s not only a powerhouse presentation, but it is even low in calories. A perfect side dish to complement the rich seafood flavors are blanched green beans, steamed broccoli or asparagus, or even a simple tomato and cucumber salad. (See more side dish recipes here).

Dining Out

Valentine’s Day is a busy night for restaurants in the area, so if you want to reserve a table ahead of time, try Archer’s On The Pier in Rockland, a seafood-centric place perched right on Rockland’s pristine waterfront. Not only do they have fresh-made lobster stew and lobster cocktail but also will have the full-shore dinner and specials.

Rockland Café is a diner-style, Midcoast Maine favorite and serves the quintessential Maine steamed lobster as well as a fresh lobster alfredo dinner year-round.

For another romantic spot to dine with your valentine, reserve a spot at The Landings Restaurant on the harbor in downtown Rockland. You’re destined to enjoy your cuisine while taking in gorgeous water views that are appreciated from almost every table. Be sure to inquire about the lobster entrée offerings when making reservations.

Want more lobster recipe ideas? Visit our blog for multiple ways to prepare and procure fresh Maine lobster any time of the year. Be sure to visit our website often to stay on top of the events and details for the next Maine Lobster Festival to be held July 29 to August 2, 2020.