This Christmas in particular, the focus will be all about good times and thoughtful gift-giving and if someone you love happens to love Maine lobster, here’s how to “shell-abrate” them with the best lobster gifts around.

Live Lobster To Your Door

Here’s a list of reputable and trusted suppliers of Maine’s most famous crustacean. These companies ship live lobsters as well as products (such as tails and cooked meat) directly from the wharf right to your front door. Get started now thinking about a Maine-inspired Christmas dinner with our recipe blogs and you’ll get your lobster within days.

Maine Lobster Festival Swag

If your loved one is planning on coming August 4-8, 2021 to Rockland, Maine for the Maine Lobster Festival, surprise him or her with an official MLF t-shirt, sweatshirt, ballcap, “Dad” hat, bucket hat, tie-die, or sweatpants. You can also get iconic posters, mugs, and other accessories. And since the Festival couldn’t take place in 2020, your purchase will go extra far, helping MLF give back to local communities through donations, community enhancement and scholarships.

The Ultimate Lobster Cooker

If you read our latest blog on how best to cook lobster, steamed or boiled, this nifty gadget will be the ultimate kitchen accessory. It’s a 60-quart Chard no-rust aluminum stockpot with strainer (so you can both steam and boil). One nice feature: a vented, recessed cover that releases steam and keeps foods warm until serving time. This indoor or outdoor cook pot can hold enough lobsters for a lobster bake or a big crowd.

Lobster Shirt as seen on Seinfeld

For the guy or gal who’ll stand in line for an hour to get a lobster roll; for the person whose only goal once arriving in Maine is to chow down at a lobster shack; for the die-hard Maine Lobster Festival goer— this is the ultimate fun gift! This button-up white lobster shirt worn by Kramer on the TV show “Seinfeld” can be yours. As one woman who’d purchased it on Amazon said after giving one to her husband husband, “He almost had a heart attack when he opened the shirt box and saw that it was Kramer’s lobster shirt!! Giddyup!!!”

Beachcombers Blown Glass Lobster Ornament

For many families, ornaments on the Christmas or holiday tree signify moments in time and places that the family enjoyed spending time together. For anyone who has ever come to visit Maine, attended the Maine Lobster Fest, or who just insanely loves lobster, this blown glass ornament (measuring 1.75 x 0.5 x 4) is the ultimate reminder of the Maine coast, summertime, steaming hot lobster out of the pot and good times!

Enjoy this holiday season with your families and be sure to keep Maine Lobster Festival 2021 on your calendar.