A romantic dinner for two on Monday, February 14 this year may not look the same as it has in past years with the COVID-19 pandemic limiting dining out for some folks, but this is the perfect Valentine’s Day to perfect your home cooking skills. And it’s easier than you think!

First, Jess’s Market in Rockland (one of our sponsors) gets the freshest seafood and lobster from local lobstermen. They’ll even cook your lobster for you for a small fee and they’ve just started shipping nationwide. If you live out of state, we also recommend these respected live shipping companies that purchase catch Maine lobster directly from the boat and ship it to your door.

Here is Maine Lobster Festival’s “Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two” with a recommendation of “Three of the Best Wines to Pair with Maine Lobster.”

Appetizer: Applewood Bacon-wrapped Scallops

Maine scallop season runs through the winter and this is the perfect time to procure a fresh pound from local fishermen or buy some at your grocery store. This easy app only requires drying the scallops thoroughly, precooking thick slices of Applewood bacon for that crisp (not soggy) texture, then wrapping the scallops and pan-searing them in olive oil. In the meantime, prepare a mouth-watering kick of chipotle chili butter. Get The Recipe

Main(e) Course: Surf And Turf Steak and Lobster

A surf-and-turf steak and lobster dinner for two used to be the ultimate dish for a decadent date night out, but you don’t need a restaurant to make it for you. All it requires is two 8-oz. lobster tails (which many of the shipping companies recommended above, will sell “by the tail”). This tutorial shows how to properly butterfly a lobster tail. Simply brush with lemon garlic butter and garnish with parsley while you sear up two rib eye steaks. Already a low-cal entrée, pair this a side dish of steamed broccoli or asparagus. Get The Recipe.

Dessert: Chocolate Cherry Candy Cake

No need to buy a box of cordials of chocolate-covered cherries, because this delicious cake will serve the same purpose as the finishing touch to your Valentine’s Day meal. The flavors are straight from the heart-shaped box of candies, courtesy of Food Network Kitchen. The filling uses good-quality cherries in syrup, such as Amarena or Luxardo, plus two tablespoons syrup. This recipe is a bit time intensive, so can be done the day before.  Get The Recipe

Want more lobster recipe ideas? Visit our blog for multiple ways to prepare and procure fresh Maine lobster any time of the year. Be sure to visit our website often to stay on top of the events and details for the next Maine Lobster Festival to be held August 3-7, 2022.