The last time we checked in with Long Island artist/illustrator Scott Hewett, who created the Maine Lobster Festival’s posters for the last two years, he was busy working on a series of sunsets. Hewett is back for the third time as this year’s poster artist, and we reached out to learn about his inspiration.

MLF: Is the lobster in this poster the same one from the 2020 poster?

Hewett: No, it’s a different design; I did a cross-combination of the last one on the 2020 poster and this one for the 2022 poster. You can see the difference in the carapace; this one is more spotted.

MLF: Since the Festival was canceled last year, we never got a chance to discuss your ideas for the 2021 poster, which can be purchased at this year’s Festival. What was your idea?

Hewett: First and foremost, I love Maine, so I wanted to capture the vibe of tranquility. Having a lobster dinner with all the fixings at a restaurant on the water sums it up. I think they’re planning on using that image for this year’s cookbook cover.

MLF: How did you come up with the concept of this year’s poster?

Hewett: We had a bunch of concepts at first. One was with King Neptune and the Rockland lighthouse. But it just wasn’t working out the way I wanted, so I just did an about-face. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to do a torso shot with a lobsterman holding a giant lobster?” So, a friend of mine posed for this concept.

MLF: That lobster is gargantuan! It looks like the 100-year-old lobster a Maine lobsterman recently caught.

Hewett: I know! And here I was thinking that was a 10-pounder! It’s slightly exaggerated. I made a cut-out of a lobster and had my friend put on some fishing bibs and hold the cut out. Then, I just replaced it with a realistic painting of a lobster.

MLF: By the way, your lobsterman model has impeccable fingernails in the poster.

Hewett: [Laughing] Everybody says that.

The 75th logo was created by Lee Batchelor, a Graphic Designer at Brio Custom.

Get your poster when you come to Rockland, Maine, for the Maine Lobster Festival Aug. 3-7, 2022. Hewett will be on hand to sign them himself! The Festival has FREE admission this year, along with two nights of fireworks, two Steins & Vines tasting events and many more changes that you have to experience at Maine’s nationally recognized premier summer event. Visit: for details.