The Coronation of the Maine Sea Goddess Is a Maine Lobster Festival Tradition

The 1948 festival featured a parade, hot lobster cooked by several local dealers and trucked to Rockland ‘s Public Landing, a concert by the Rockland City Band on Saturday afternoon, and a coronation ball Saturday evening at the Rockland Community Building.

2022 Maine Sea Goddess Olivia Dougherty. Right: 2020/21 Maine Sea Goddess Chloe Blake.

At this premier coronation, Ruth Roberts of Rockland was crowned as the first “Miss Maine Seafoods.” It was in 1948 that the festival extended from one day to two and was held in July. Since then, the Maine Lobster Festival is held the first weekend in August that contains the first Saturday. There are some festival traditions that have been consistent since the beginning: the selection of a Sea Goddess, the serving of Maine lobster, and a grand parade. Today, the Maine Sea Goddess continues to represent Maine throughout her reign.

Watch the 2022 Maine Sea Goddess Coronation

Be a Part of History

The Maine Lobster Festival Sea Goddess Coronation has been a historic tradition since 1948. It provides many opportunities for young women to display integrity, intellect, elegance, independence and individuality. We pride ourselves on educating and guiding young women to be strong, independent and resilient ambassadors for the Maine Lobster Festival and Midcoast Region.

If you are a young Midcoast Maine lady who is interested in being part of this Festival tradition and the next ambassador for the area, here is how you apply:


The Sea Goddess Pageant is about the individual as a whole. Our pageant is based on knowledge of the Midcoast area, elegance, volunteerism, and much more. Every Sea Princess works very hard to compete in this pageant. Women study about the area, go to practices, take local tours and prep to become the Maine Lobster Festival Representative as the Sea Goddess. As a contestant, you get to enjoy hair and makeup services donated by a local salon, delicious meals at local restaurants and stand on stage in a beautiful gown sponsored by a local business or businesses.

The lucky winners will be provided with a cash award to use towards whatever your dreams are. Apply now to become a part of a local  tradition that dates back to 1948!

If you would like to or are interested in being becoming a judge and placed on our wishlist: please email  [email protected]

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We look forward to seeing you

Dan Flaherty, Committee Chair & Abby Peabody