If you’re trying to come up with creative ideas for holiday gifts and the person in your life loves Maine’s most famous crustacean, here are 10 fun and useful lobster gifts to choose from this year.

Lobster flip-flops

Forget Crocs! These high-quality, unisex PVC flip-flops are a great gag gift for the lobster lover in your life.  As one customer said, “Bought these as a joke for my boyfriend for his birthday. He wears them all the time now. I am hoping fall weather comes soon because they need a break.” Also, a great gift choice for kids — they will love them!

Lobster-eating shirt

If you’re a pro at eating lobster in the rough, you know that you never come to the table in one of your best shirts! You need a lobster-eating shirt, which can take all the splashes of butter and splatters of seawater.  It says only what it needs to say: “This is my lobster eating shirt.” Available in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes.

Lobster-picking tools

Hard shell lobsters are the hardest variety to crack with just your bare hands. This 10-piece set of stainless steel lobster crackers and picks will give eight people the right tools to enjoy a meal of hard-to-crack seafood such as Maine lobster and crab, allowing easy removal of the meat for elegant and simple dining.    

Lobster cookbook

When most people think of lobster, they picture it steamed or boiled. But if you love cooking, it’s one of the most versatile proteins to show off your culinary skills. Lobster Thermidor, Lobster Newberg, and a classic New England lobster roll are just some of the recipes that can be found in “Lobster Cookbook” — from dips to soups to stews and right out of the shell.

Lobster headband

They call it a “headband,” but old-schoolers call this costume party accessory “deely boppers.” The red headband comes with two crusher claws and is a great gag gift for all ages. Pair this with the lobster flip-flops and your favorite person is going to be styling at the next Maine Lobster Festival Aug. 2-6, 2023!

Vintage lobster art

When is the last time you saw lobster for 99 cents? (Actually, at the very first Maine Lobster Festival in 1947, that’s exactly what it cost!)  If you love coming back to Maine every year, this cool, vintage birch wall sign fits in great with rustic décor and is a conversation starter.

Maine Lobster Festival posters

Our beautifully designed Maine Lobster Festival posters over the years (only $10) come from artists who have great respect for the industry. Check out the backstory on Long Island artist/illustrator Scott Hewett, who created the posters for the last two years. Not only does the purchase of a poster go toward MLF’s operating expenses for next year, it also looks great in a rumpus room, she shed, and man cave!

Buy your gifts with a visit in mind to the Maine Lobster Festival Aug. 2-6, which will be free again in 2023. Visit https://mainelobsterfestival.com for more details.