The Maine Sea Goddess Pageant relies on the generosity of many local businesses in Midcoast Maine for sponsorships and services. One local business has offered its services to help the Sea Princesses get ready for coronation night year after year. 

Susan Kelly, owner of Skin Klinic and Day Spa in Rockland, Maine, has opened her doors to coronation participants for many years. Skin Klinic and Day Spa is housed in a renovated Victorian in downtown Rockland, just one block from the ocean. The business offers hair and makeup services, nail care, waxing, massages, facials, facial enhancement services, and other medical services.

In the late afternoon before the coronation, the Sea Princesses bring their gowns, shoes, and other accessories to Skin Klinic. Laughing as they zip each other into their beautiful gowns and take turns in the salon chair. Skin Klinic’s talented hair and makeup team styles their hair, then their makeup. As each Sea Princess heads into the other room to dress for the evening, gasps of excitement and compliments can be heard as the other princesses praise Skin Klinic’s work and the enhanced beauty of each young lady.

Sue herself was crowned Maine Sea Goddess during the 1972 Maine Lobster Festival, representing the state of Maine throughout that following year. Since then, she has remained an active member of the coronation committee by helping to organize the coronation each year and donating her business’ services to the organization.

The Maine Lobster Festival and the coronation committee are grateful for all of the work Sue and her team contribute to the organization. Thank you, Skin Klinic, for your generous support.