Each year, the Maine Lobster Festival relies on more than 1,300 volunteers to keep the five-day event running smoothly. Because of locals, visitors and festival devotees, it’s the only way to keep Rockland’s biggest community festival going year after year.

Here’s why.

Your Time Invests in Our Community

Every year, the proceeds from the festival go into a special fund that benefits the Rockland community in some way — often in the form of a financial gift that was sorely needed. One year, the festival repaved the hard top at the Rockland Harbor (where the festival is held) so they could actually drive tent stakes down—at no cost the city.

Another year, proceeds from the festival bought a new ambulance. Another time, the festival purchased the land above the harbor so that a developer wouldn’t turn last harbor view into another private home, ensuring locals and people at the festival would be able to enjoy that view for years to come. Beyond that, the festival has financially supported dozens of local schools and community groups and helped them purchase items like an auditorium curtain, recreational projects that beautify the city, and $50,000 toward a utility truck for the Thomaston Fire Department.

Volunteers come back every year because the dedication to the Maine Lobster Festival is a two-way street. The giving of one’s time isn’t just for one four-hour shift on the grounds. It’s an investment in time that pays off two or three times over in the communities in Midcoast Maine.

A Job for Everyone

Maybe you’re an early riser and love working with food, or maybe you like late nights and prefer to be behind the scenes. The festival has a jobs ranging from Pancake Breakfast Crew (serving “All You Can Eat” pancake breakfasts) to Stage Crew (loading and unloading trucks with entertainment equipment and tearing it down at the end of a show) to Lobster Cookers (serving thousands of pounds of food in the tent each day). Click here to see various positions available.

Plan your Vacation around Volunteering

See our recent blog on where to stay when you come to the 71st Maine Lobster Festival this year and turn your volunteer time into free admission on the day you volunteer. Each volunteer receives an exclusive Maine Lobster Festival Volunteer T-shirt (and let us tell you, these exclusive shirts are only given to volunteers and are not for sale—although people will try to buy them from you!)

You will meet the friendliest people while volunteering for the Maine Lobster Festival and you can walk away knowing you contributed to the health and vibrancy of this community when you’re done. Fill out your application today.