The Maine Lobster Festival would like to take this time to explain the events leading to the resignation of Taylor Hamlin as the 2018 Maine Sea Goddess.

After the Maine Sea Goddess Coronation on August 1, photos of inappropriate behavior posted on Taylor Hamlin’s personal social media pages was brought to the attention of the Coronation Committee and the Executive Board of Directors.

On August 2 the Executive Board of Directors and the Coronation Committee met with Taylor to discuss the photos that were not in keeping with the behavior and image of the Maine Sea Goddess. At that time Taylor decided to resign her position as Maine Sea Goddess. Later in the day the Lobster Festival leadership met with Taylor and her parents, where Taylor officially resigned as the 2018 Maine Sea Goddess.

Crown Princess Erin Dugan will assume the duties of 2018 Maine Sea Goddess, and it is our hope that everyone will support her in her new role. We wish all the best to Taylor Hamlin in her future endeavors. This is a terrible situation for everyone involved. We hope that everyone will enjoy the rest of the festival that over 1,300 volunteers have worked so hard to put on to support our local community and the lobster industry.