It’s a tradition that the community looks forward to every year: Who will be crowned The Maine Sea Goddess and ride in the parade with King Neptune and his court? 

For the last 70 years, a young woman from Maine has been serving as the ambassador to the Maine Lobster Festival, the lobster industry and the Midcoast region. In 1948, at the premier coronation, Ruth Roberts of Rockland was crowned the first “Miss Maine Seafoods.” Back then, the Maine Lobster Festival lasted from one to two days and was held in July. Today, the expanded festival is held the first week in August, continuing the traditions of selecting a Sea Goddess, holding a Grand Parade and, of course, serving Maine lobster. 

The Maine Sea Goddess continues to represent Maine throughout her reign. The pageant provides the opportunity for young women to display integrity, intellect, elegance, independence and individuality. The 2019 Sea Goddess will learn the history of Rockland, go to practices, take local tours and prep to become the Maine Lobster Festival representative. Perks include hair and makeup services donated by a local salon, delicious meals at local restaurants, and standing on stage in a beautiful gown sponsored by a local business or businesses. The lucky winner receives a cash award to further their dreams.

With newly drafted guidelines for the Sea Goddess competition, here is checklist of helpful hints in order to submit your application:

  • Be comfortable asking for sponsorship

The Maine Lobster Festival depends on area sponsors to be able to put on such a fabulous five-day festival, and in return, sponsors are happy to have their business aligned with the event. A Sea Goddess candidate needs to be comfortable asking individuals and companies to sponsor her for the coronation. The entrance fee for the competition is $500, which can come from one or multiple sponsors. The new Coronation website provides a template of what to say when you approach a company for sponsorship and what the money goes toward.

  • Guidelines, Application, and Checklist

On the website you will find links to the Guidelines, Application and Checklist. The Guidelines include a list of applicant requirements (e.g. age limit, U.S. citizen requirement, level of education) for all girls interested in becoming a contestant. It includes additional information on obligations required for winning the title including resignation, grounds for exclusion and relinquishment of title. The application includes basic bio information including name, address, hobbies, college attending/future planning, etc., sponsors and their information. 

  • Photos, Letter of Recommendation, Video & Essay

Submit two color photos (head shots only) wallet size or larger. Here are some tips for taking a photogenic picture. Also, new this year, submit a letter of recommendation and a three-minute (or less) video explaining a little about yourself and why you want to compete. Here are some video creation tips. The video can be on a flash drive or a CD. (Note: this video will only be seen by the Coronation committee and judges). Finally, write a 250- to 500-word essay explaining why you are uniquely qualified to be the Sea Goddess (feel free to mention family, school, activities and volunteer work.) Here are essay-writing tips.

  • Media Obligations

Keep in mind that the Maine Lobster Festival Sea Goddess gets approached by the news media during the festival. Be prepared to give interviews. Here are some interview tips. The Sea Goddess is also responsible for posting on the Sea Goddess Facebook page (specifically related to festival duties and events). Here are some social media tips to stay on track with the content.

  • Cash Prize

The cash prize is $2,000 for the Sea Goddess, $1,000 for the Crowned Princess and $250 for Miss Congeniality. The cash award is not a scholarship, so it won’t affect financial aid if you apply it to school. As a cash award, you can use it however you want. For example, you can put the money toward tuition, textbooks, gas for driving— it’s up to you!


If you are interested in becoming a judge, please email [email protected] to be placed on our wish list.